Sunday, June 27, 2010

#1 about Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0

I am ready to learn and explore.

#2 pointers from lifelong learners
The 7 habits are encouraging to start of new project and have good attitude.

#3 Set up your own blog

I am looking forward to learn all the new things and share with others.

#4 register your blog and track your progress

I registered my blog and use the email address. I also bookmark this blog for easy access. Happy to find so many librarians already blogging and learning. I am glad to join the team and new family.

#6 Flickr mashups

This is a good way to share the photos with friends. It is also educational to show students the landmarks on the map. Since I already has a account, so it save me a step to use Flickr too.

#23 Conclustion

Digital library is just wonderful. Sky is the limit for the user. I do learn a lot by going through this 23 Things exercise. Some of the "Things" need more than one hour to learn and to comb through. I have been searching databases since 1979. At that time Dialoge was the database for librarians. I am now more comfortable to introduce more different kind of resources to patron.

I also has problem get into my blog. So, instead of explore and blog the same time, I go ahead and explore the exercise from Week 4 through Week 8 and take notes this Spring. Finally in early June I have a break through and get help from the blog help desk. I finally get the instruction how to get into my blog and publish post. This is the reason you may notice I blog 8 things in one day. Mainly it is just a re-visit to each Thing.

Well, because I have 4 different email accounts and I didn't know which account I registered my blog in.

High recommend 23 Things to anyone who want to learn more about networking.

#22 download audio book

Montgomery County Public Library's home page has a e-libarary. Patron can download a audio book easily. We also has a electronic book collection. I am surprise to find some technical manual in the e-collection.